W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack + Torrent Free Download

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W. A. Production Phantom Serum Crack + Free Torrent Free Download

Unleash Xfer Serum with What аbout: Phantom Serum Presets. This pack consists of 233 presets for Xfer Serum by W. A. Production.

W. A. Production Phantom Serum

Are you ready to experience Serum? Forget what you know, and get ready to hear something inspiring. With the rise of EDM and dance music in commercial media these preset are modern and without repetition. What аbout: Phantom Serum Presets is inspired by top influential genres such as Melodic Dubstep, Trap, D&B, House, and Future Bass. We know that Serum offers an infinite number of combinations to create a desirable sound.

Let our professional sound designers, that specialize in the functionality of Serum, blow your mind with this brilliant collection. Utilize our presets as a learning tool, a means of inspiration, or to build off of to create your own customized sound. Are you ready to unleash the power of the Serum? Pick up What аbout: Phantom Serum Presets today.


  • 233 Xfer Serum Presets
  • All macros assigned

System requirements for Serum 1.209 (and Higher)

[Mainroom_Warehouse_Future_Deep_House_Sounds] Academy.fm.Cymatics.Boujee.for.Xfer.Serum
Addictive EDM Addictive Serum
Addictive Serum
AngelicVibes – Waves (Serum Bank) Arte.Nuovo.Warmed.For.Xfer.Records.Serum.MULTAPYFORM. -HORiZON ARTFX Neuro Bass Serum Patches Vol 1
ARTFX.Cinematic.Creations ..
Bass (the Hard)
Beatlab Dirty Bass
Big the EDM – Brazilian Bass (WAV, MIDI, SERUM)
Big EDM – Chain And Smoke Future Bass (WAV, MIDI, SERUM)
Big EDM – Tech House 2017 (WAV, MIDI, SERUM)
CFA-Sound.TITAN-1.Xfer.Serum .Presets-MAGNETRiXX
Cobra Juice Vol.3
Cobra Juice Vol.4
Cobra Juice Vol.5. FXP
Cobra Juice Volume Two for Serum
Cymatics – Anniversary Serum Pack
Cymatics – Catalyst for Xfer Serum
Cymatics – Element Arps for Serum Vol 2
Cymatics – Element Plucks for Serum Vol.1 (FXP)
Cymatics – Element Plucks for Serum Vol.2
Cymatics – Essentials for Serum
Cymatics – Goblins Vol.1
Cymatics – Goliath for Xfer Serum
Cymatics – Helix for Xfer Serum with bonuses
Cymatics – Hybrid for Xfer Serum
Cymatics – Lush Leads for Serum
Cymatics – Monsters Vol 1
Cymatics – Serum Presets and Wavetables Collection 12.2016
Cymatics – Slugs Vol 1
Cymatics – Titan Serum Expansion – Presets
Cymatics Catalyst for Xfer Serum [Synth Presets]
Cymatics Element Keys for Serum Vol.2
Cymatics Jawz for Serum Cymatics.Goblins.Vol.1.For.XFER.RECORDS.SERUM.SCD-DISCOVER
Dark Prairie
Delicate.Beats.Invader ..
Dubstep for Serum Vol.3 Presets
Eclipse Sound – HYBRID
Ecliptiq.Audio.Flash.Volume.1 ..
By Swiss Knife of Electronic Teknoclash Vol.1
Electronisounds – Black the Label Glitch Hop
ElectroniSounds – the EDM Vigilante For Xfer Records Serum ELECTRONISOUNDS_SERUM_AMMO_SOUNDSETS Electronisounds.Bass.Music.For.Serum
the Essentials Trap
Fabled Fabled the Audio Serum SoundSet For Xfer Serum
Fabled Audio Magic
Freshly Squeezed Samples – Serum Trance Essentials Volume 1 (SYNTH PRESET) (2014) Future House by NoDusk
GHST.PRJKT.Floss.A.Damus.Sleazy.Serum.Presets ..
Gill Chang – Serum Enigma (SERUM)
GOGOi Chillwave Serum Presets
Illuminated Trap
Joseph Hollo – Warmed
LP24 – Electro Essentials
LP24 – Neuro Plasticity
LP24 – Serum Ambient Chillout LP24_Essential_Pluck_Collection_ (Xfer_Records_Serum_Presets) LP24_Neuro_Plasticity_Xfer_Records_SERUM_Presets LP24.Tropical.House.Essentials.SCD-DISCOVER
Mechanimal – Patches Serum Vol 1
ModeAudio Desert Highway Serum Downtempo Presets ModeAudio_Mesosphere_ (Xfer_Records_Serum)
ModeAudio .Hinterlands ..
ModeAudio.Silhouette ..
Molgli – Closet Bass Monsters Vol. 3
Molgli – Closet Bass Monsters Vol. 3 SERUM
Molgli – EDM Signature Synths
Monsters Wavetables
New.Loops.Bass.For.XFER.RECORDS.SERUM-DISCOVER Origin.Sound.Artist.Series.Tisoki.Serum.Presets.Vol.2
Patchmaker – Chainlazerz Future Pop
PatchMaker Unicorn Future Bass Serum & Razor
Patchmaker.Future.Bass ..
PlugInGuru – MegaMagic Dreams
Polyverse.Music.I.Wish.v1.01.MacOSX.Incl.eyfer Prefey .FXP
Production Master – 808 Style
Production Master Ambient
Rocket Powered Sound Elevated Bass for Serum Volume 1 Sample_Foundry_Serum_Future_Electro_Xfer_Serum_Presets
Serum Enigma
SerumPresets.com Deep House Vol. 1 for Serum
Shocking Tick House. Minds.Future.House.Bass.Vol.1.For.Serum-MAGNETRiXX
Slugs Wavetables
Soundethers Talis Ethers for SERUM Splice.Sounds.Fabian.Mazur.Vital.Serum.Presets.Future.Bass
Standalone-Music DESTINY
Standalone-Music DESTINY Future Bass for Serum by 7 SKIES & DG
Standalone-Music SYMPHONY
Studio Sounds – Mutants ( Serum) Studio.Sounds.Mutants.For.XFER.SERUM-MAGNETRiXX
Surge Sounds – Diablo House (MIDI, MASSiVE, SERUM)
Surge Sounds Deeper House Serum & Massive
Surge Sounds Pegboard Mello
Surge_Sounds_JACK_U_Xfer_Records_Serum_Presetsound.Sumsum.Sounds ..
Synthferatu – Dubstep for Serum Vol.1 & Vol.2.FXP-SYNTHiC4TE
Synthferatu – Riddim Within Presets for Xfer Serum
Terminal Waves Vol I
Terminal Waves Vol II
Terminal Waves Vol III
Triple.Spiral.Audio.Dark.Dreams ..
Unison.Mello.Collection.Vol.1 ..
Unmute Future Music Vol 1 For Serum
Vandalism – Shocking of Future Serum for Bass (WAV, the MIDI, SERUM)
Vandalism Shocking Hybrid Trap for Serum
Vandalism Shocking Sounds Arabic Trap for Serum Vandalism_Shocking_Electro_Xfer_Serum_Presets Vandalism_Shocking_Future_Bass_And_Trap_Serum_Presets Vandalism_Shocking_Future_House_2_ (Xfer_Records_Serum) Vandalism_Shocking_Moombahton_And_Tropical_House_Xfer_Records_Serum_Presets Vandalism_Shocking_Trap_XFER_SERUM_Presets
Vandalism.Shocking.Deep.House ..
Vandalism.Shocking.Future.House.3 ..
Vandalism.Shocking.Future.Pop ..
Vandalism.Shocking.G-House ..
WA.Production.Pumped.Serum.Dubstep.Essentials WA .Production.Pumped.Serum.Dubstep.Essentials .. WA.Production.Pumped.Serum.Future.Bass.Essentials WA.Production.Pumped.Serum.Future.Bass.Essentials .. WA.Production.Sounds.Of.Lojack

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