Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.2.5 (Win) + Full Crack Free Download

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.2.5 (Win) + Full Crack Free Download

Superior Drummer 3 Crack makes an immediate positive impression with its gorgeous GUI. Gone is the skeuomorphic, oddly arranged fascia of SD2; now we have our menus and tabs (Drums, Grooves, Mixer, and Tracker) along the top, all instrument editing controls in a single contextual panel on the right-hand side, and the new sequencing tools at the bottom.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Crack is to let you enter a virtual studio with the best raw materials and mixing options possible to create drum sounds in an environment where only your imagination limits. Superior Drummer 3 combines the creative power of sound, ambiance, and many functions and is more than just a drum sampler –

Superior Drummer Crack, you have control and creative power that you cannot imagine. Welcome to the future. The basic sound library of Superior Drummer 3 was recorded by award-winning engineer George Massenburg in what is probably the quietest and most ideal place for samples in the world, the Galaxy Studios in Belgium. The library has more than 230 GB of raw materials which have been recorded down to the smallest detail. 

Toontrack Superior Drummer

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Crack Features:

  • The Superior Drummer 3 crack Core sound library has been recorded in Belgian Galaxy studios. With a space of 330 square meters and a ceiling height of eight meters, it was the perfect place to record impressive audio data of the highest quality.
  • In addition, the entire studio complex is built on springs to ensure that external disturbances are literally absent. With Superior Drummer 3 serial number, you are in control. Only your imagination sets limits.

Toontrack Superior Drummer Latest Crack Features:

  • Over 230 GB of raw audio not processed in 44.1 kHz / 24 bit
  • Recorded with eleven additional separate room microphones installed in a surround configuration for a complete experience
  • Modify the Play Style, Tap2Find, Song Creator and Song Track functions as well as improved workflow and search functions
  • Create complete drum arrangements
  • Raster editor
  • Time and tempo editor integrated into the song track
  • Change playback style, Tap2Find, Song Creator, and Song Track with improved search and workflow features
  • Integrated grooves and search browser
    Text search
  • 35 mixing effects (EQ, delay, reverb, filter, dynamic, distortion, modulation)
  • A wide range of presets for all kits included
  • Individual microphone ventilation and control
    Bus, route, send

What’s New in:


  • Improved articulation matching when loading cymbals from other libraries.
  • Improved default mic routing when loading instruments from other positions and other libraries (mainly newer ones).
  • The About dialogue now has a link to a webpage with trademarks.


  • Five new parameters have been added to the room reverb (size, motion, depth, high cut and low cut).

Grid Editor:

  • The order of instruments and articulations is now saved in projects.
  • Whether the time bar should use straight or triplet resolution is now determined by what is selected in the snap/resolution menu instead of by a context menu for the time bar.


  • The popup value is shown on the velocity slider when dragged (and tooltip) now matches the true MIDI velocity when exported.


  • Added an e-drum transform option named “Lower Choke Threshold” (in the Edit menu in Settings) which causes all aftertouch values above 30 to be transformed to 127.
  • Added an option to convert a note to aftertouch.
  • The Analyzer on the settings page can now show aftertouch events as well.

Bug Fixes (Major)


  • Drums and Mixer preset would not get loaded if you pressed down the mouse button on the menu button and then released the mouse button on the desired preset. Using the Enter key to select a preset did not work either.
  • While dragging a MIDI file from outside SD3, entering and then leaving the window did not properly turn off drag graphics. For example, parts of the groove browser would stay looking disabled.

Song Track:

  • Dragging a groove from the browser to a hole between blocks on the song track did not properly apply the new length to the song block, leaving notes active outside the block boundaries, which could crash the grid editor.
  • Some MIDI notes could be missed when syncing to a DAW due to rounding errors between buffers.
  • Programming percussion claps, then saving and loading the project twice would make the claps disappear.

Drums Tab:

  • Fixed a potential crash when a stack was removed from an instrument.
  • When cymbals from other positions or libraries were loaded, cymbal articulations were not always matched/translated well.

Grooves Tab:

  • Searching with Tap2Find and then selecting a folder without subfolders would make the sorting stop working.


  • On Mac, moving a reverb or a delay to a different effect slot should no longer cause a crash.

Song Creator:

  • It should no longer crash if you click on a song structure when there are no suggestions.


  • Fixed a potential crash when velocities were changed.
  • The “Preview Selected Event” button should no longer play the entire audio file.
  • “Stop All Audio” now also stops the “Preview Selected Event” audio.


  • In e-drum settings, it no longer crashes if you try to reset the CC for Snare Zone Control.
  • The Windows-only setting “Adjust scale when dragging the main window to another screen” was never read from the preferences.


  • (Windows) Turning off an ASIO sound card could lead to a crash.
  • Incoming MIDI events would sometimes randomly be skipped, especially when a small buffer size was used.

Bug Fixes (Minor)


  • EZX preset macro controls would sometimes incorrectly affect output channel effects.
  • Route Instrument Microphones would sometimes fail after an extra added Instrument had been removed.
  • SD3 is no longer silenced after loading a Superior Drummer 2 preset with soloed instruments/articulations.
  • The About dialog no longer shows some library names in all caps.
  • The About dialog said “VST” for AU and AAX on Mac.

Song Track:

  • Triplets were not drawn correctly on the time bar.
  • Zooming using a mouse wheel (and modifier) with the mouse pointer positioned near the left edge of the song track no longer scrolls to the first bar (in one jump).


  • At 125% scale, mixer channel names were written on one line instead of two.

Grid Editor:

  • Dragging and dropping instrument/articulation rows in the grid editor did not always place them as expected.
  • Fixes for issues with the “Select” menu in Grid Editor – note selection preview is more reliable and hovering with the mouse button pressed now works.
  • 1/2t and 1/4t snap resolutions were not drawn correctly.


  • Library paths should now look correct even if they contain special characters.
  • “Add Alternative Library Path” did not work in some cases (if the existing path was path number 2 internally).

How To Install:

  • Download the file from the link below
  • Extract the file and follow the instructions
  • Run the given setup and enjoy

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